Hidden preferences

Hidden preferences

A few bits of SiteTagger are customizable but not through the main preferences window. These are sometimes “beta” preferences whose functionality may change but often items that the vast number of users won’t need or care to alter. Still, you may find something useful or interesting.

Change where the Shelf finds webloc files

The Shelf looks for .webloc files on the Desktop. If you’d like for it to search in another folder, simply open Terminal.app and enter the following where “path/to/folder” is a file path such as “~/Desktop/WeblocFiles/”:

defaults write com.fcs.sitetagger ShelfSearchPath "path/to/folder"

To return the option, you can either change the ShelfSearchPath to “~/Desktop/” or type the following:

defaults delete com.fcs.sitetagger ShelfSearchPath

Don’t show bookmark editing window when adding bookmarks from the browser script

SiteTagger can sometimes interrupt workflow by demanding extra information when adding bookmarks from the “Add to SiteTagger” javascript. You can prevent that window from showing by typing the following in the Terminal:

defaults write com.fcs.sitetagger QuietlyHandleBrowserAdditions YES

You can reverse this option by replacing “YES” with “NO” or by deleting it using:

defaults delete com.fcs.sitetagger QuietlyHandleBrowserAdditions