Better bookmarking

SiteTagger brings tag-based bookmark management to the desktop. Your bookmarks are fully searchable (by tag, title, content, and more), easily exported to a number of formats, and free from the constraints of web browsers. SiteTagger brings all the features you've wanted in bookmark management with grace and style. Import your bookmarks from all your browsers into SiteTagger and enjoy them from one database. With SiteTagger, you can ditch your browser's bookmarking functions for something worth using.

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Powerful tag-based bookmarking system makes it easy to find your bookmarks.

Import from popular browsers

SiteTagger can import your favorite web browser including: Safari, Firefox, OmniWeb, Camino, and Internet Explorer.

Integrates with internet bookmarking systems

Import from and Furl. You can also easily add items to

Add bookmarks from within browsers

The included bookmarklet makes it easy to add bookmarks to SiteTagger from within your web browser.


SiteTagger includes a menu bar application that makes your bookmarks available in the system-wide status bar.

Export to HTML

Export your bookmarks to a folder full of HTML files for easy sharing. You can also export to XML and text files.


SiteTagger lets you interact with just about everything through the magic of applescript.


In addition to SiteTagger's built-in searching, you can use Spotlight to find your bookmarks and open them in your browser.