The Application

Compress your files and folders in a large variety of formats with the simplicity of drag and drop. If you have multiple files that you would like compressed into the same archive, Compress makes it easy to drag in many files and compress them all when you're ready. You can archive your data to a wide variety of interchangeable file formats, including the new p7zip format. Compress even offers the option to save a session in case you need to compress particular files routinely.

The Widget

The power of Compress is also available in the convenience of a Dashboard widget. The widget provides most of the power of the application with an even simpler interface. The widget even supports all of the archive formats of the application and can even decompress archives dropped onto it. Simply grab a file in the Finder, active the Dashboard, and drop it onto the Compress widget.

Archive in the following formats:

As easy as drag and drop

Completely free

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